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The German-speaking community has four sports training centres: artistic gymnastics for girls and boys, tennis, chess and a centre for mentally handicapped athletes (Special Olympics).

Since 2014, the German-speaking Community has been supporting its best athletes on the basis of a three-tier assistance system. Athletes receive an executive status (A-B-C) based on their sports performance. Under these rules, athletes from the German-speaking Community are better funded to prepare and take part in international competitions and, through close cooperation with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, have the opportunity to enrol in a training centre.

Specific support is also provided to teams playing in higher national leagues and to highly qualified referees or judges.

An agreement with the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee also guarantees the representation of the German-speaking Community. The German-speaking Community also participates in the Olympic platform and in meetings of the ABCD Commission.

For more information: www.ostbelgiensport.be