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The national federations are the members of the non-profit organisation BOIC.. There are currently 81 of them. They represent - mostly - the leagues recognised by the various communities. In fact, the decrees relating to the recognition and subsidisation of sports federations apply at the level of the three communities in our country. This explains why today almost all federations are split into two, or even three, federations - or leagues - organised at the community level.

The result is that these federations, whilst retaining their autonomy as required by the decrees, are grouped together by sport into just one national sports federation, the only one with international jurisdiction.

The BOIC consists of :

  • full / effective members
  • associate members

The following may be admitted as effective members :

  • national sports federations, with legal personality, which represent, in their respective sports disciplines, a significant proportion of the total number of sportspeople in Belgium;
  • other national associations and bodies with legal personality, operating on a non-profit basis in the field of sport, either promoting interests in sport and/or physical education or providing services in these fields.

Only one federation per sporting discipline may be admitted as an effective member of the BOIC.

Full members are classified into 4 categories:

Category 1:

National sports federations affiliated to the international sports federations that manage sports included in the Olympic Games programme.

Category 2:

National sports federations affiliated to the international sports federations recognised by the IOC that manage sports that are not included in the programme of the Olympic Games, other national sports federations and national associations and bodies that manage more than one specific sports discipline.

Category 3:

IOC members for Belgium.

Category 4:

Two athletes who have taken part in the Summer or Winter Olympic Games. They are proposed by the Board of Directors, upon presentation by the IOC Athletes' Commission. They automatically lose their membership status at the end of the second Olympiad after the last Olympic Games they participated in.

For more information, please consult the BOIC's statutes. Available in Duch or French.

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